What is video marketing?

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Video marketing is, in its simplest form, the use of video content to reach your target audience and promote your brand, service, or product. You may utilize video marketing to promote website visits, social media engagement, email signups, and improve customer service, in addition to increasing revenue.

Advantages of video marketing

What does the increase in video consumption mean for your business? Consider some quantifiable reasons why video marketing is so effective in the current era.

Video marketing is effective

Regarding informing and educating prospective and current customers about your product or service, videos are your best bet. 97% of marketers agree that video enhances customers’ product comprehension. Even the most descriptive copy cannot compete with a close-up view of the product you are promoting. Additionally, videos have the highest retention rate of any medium. 95% of your message is retained when your audience watches a video, but only 10% when they read text.

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Video marketing enhances conversion

About half of internet shoppers now search for product-related videos before making a purchase, and 90% of them find demo videos helpful. Furthermore, 85 percent of these consumers are more likely to purchase after viewing a product demonstration. If your product or landing page has not been performing well, it may be time to include a product demo video or an explainer video. Multiple studies have demonstrated that sales pages with videos convert better than those without. This may be due to several factors, one of which is that videos keep visitors on your page for longer.

Videos improve SEO

70% of the top 100 Google search results now include videos. The audio of your video can be transcribed by search engine bots and served to the appropriate audience and improving SEO. In essence, adding videos to your marketing campaign increases its discoverability, allowing you to generate free traffic. You can increase website visits by including your link in the description of properly optimized, audience-specific videos.

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The video complements other advertising techniques

Adding videos to your existing marketing strategies is simple. For instance, you can create a video version of your blog and upload it to your site or YouTube with a backlink. Videos can also increase email open and click-through rates. Simply including the word “video” in the subject line can increase open rates by 19%, and increase the click-through rate by 65%.

Video marketing in Vancouver

The growing importance of videos in marketing as a whole cannot be discounted. If you are using videos in the market, make sure you do it better than your competitors, and if you are new to the game, make sure to learn and conduct research before taking your shots. You can also contact our professional team in Cactus Media Group, a videography producer located in Vancouver for more details of what you should and shouldn’t include in your video marketing campaign.

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