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At Cactus Media Group, we focus on our client’s specific goals and through the most innovative ways we achieve them. We believe in a collaborative approach to media challenges. Team work makes the dream work and we are here to turn your company’s dreams into reality. Through our creativity, we empower businesses and help them deliver their message efficiently to the public. We follow global trends, demographics, new technologies, and the best marketing strategies to make your business a conversation topic. There’s a powerful story behind every business and we are here to help you tell it. We could be the perfect fit for you. Contact us today to learn more.


Cactus Media Group connects people to Data and Brands



A cactus plant is diverse, that is why it inspires our business. A cactus does not need a lot of care to survive, it just naturally grows with light and sparks with its beauty. We do not ask much from our clients either. With an economic budget, we make your business grow and shine in your preferred field with our trust worthy services. We are expanding our services to reach a broader spectrum. Cactuses have become the world’s most desired plant. One of the most beautiful aspects of a cactus, is the fact that it grows flowers, without water. Their uniqueness is admirable because they will bloom in all their glory. Like a cactus, we will make your business blossom!


At Cactus Media Group, our main priority is our customer’s satisfaction and our quality of work. We listen carefully to our customer's needs, provide new ideas and fulfill their business needs using data and team-work skills. What’s most important when working with prestigious companies, or even ones that are on the rise, is caring for them, and their success. Where there is care, there is growth. At Cactus Media Group, we care about your success.

Based in beautiful Vancouver, B.C., an innately social and urban city full of opportunities, we move businesses.
At Cactus Media Group, we plan projects in 3 different stages:
1.DISCOVER: Our first and most important step is to gain a deep understanding of you and your target audience. We need to connect with your business goals to make them happen. We develop a strong relationship with you and your needs, in order to design your own unique plan. Through understanding and connection we then uncover new possibilities and meaningful truths that define a project’s success. Every business has a space in the spotlight, and we will make yours shine!
2.CREATE: Our remarkable creativity is our main asset. Brands that make true impact are the ones that are found at the intersection of creativity, clarity, purpose, and strength.
2.CREATE:We embrace culture to merge shared beliefs, ideologies, and values. Your brand represents you, and your costumers. We want them to find themselves in your brand. Not just a consumer, but a friend. Throughout the brand experience, our creative ideas focus on human emotion.
3.REFORM: We prioritize detail to maximize and produce an exceptional outcome. The purpose of our advanced performance is to deliver quick and measured results while honoring brand interactions. Our performance proves that marketing can be efficient and exhilarating at the same time. It also creates innovative ideas to satisfy even the most diverse and superior tastes.