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February 17, 2023
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March 16, 2023

Social and environmental issues are receiving more attention. The actions of consumers who care about the environment play a role, too. According to recent consumer studies, people do think about the social and environmental impacts of corporations. Over eighty-nine percent of customers believe that companies should take greater action to lessen their environmental impact. Eighty-plus percent of consumers think businesses should help address societal issues. 57% of respondents in a recent survey by IBM stated they would alter their purchasing habits if it meant having a smaller negative impact on the environment. So, let’s have a deeper look at sustainable marketing.

What exactly is sustainable marketing?

Sustainable marketing or green marketing considers the entire organization, not just the products. Everything about a product, from its creation and packaging to its promotion and distribution, falls under the purview of “Green Marketing.” One such example is:

  • Ecologically sound production
  •  Zero carbon footprint
  • Water-efficient manufacturing
  • Reusing old stuff
  • Raw and renewable materials
  • Use-after-use product recycling
  • Production and packaging with no trash or plastic used
  • Production on a regional or local scale

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The benefits of sustainable marketing

Sustainable marketing has been successful because it benefits both businesses and their customers. A green marketing approach can bring about quick, real benefits for firms, such as reduced waste and emissions, in addition to the enormous benefits for the environment and social causes. Sustainable marketing also:

  • Improves the appeal of your product or service
  • Helps people find your brand more easily
  • Is successful in maintaining repeat business from existing clients
  • Brings a higher level of quality to your items
  • Allows for the creation of previously unavailable revenue opportunities

Creating a sustainable marketing plan

Taking action to increase sustainability is important, but how can you sustain your efforts in this area? Avoid making your company look like it’s just trying to cash in on the environmental movement. What impression will your branding strategy to achieve sustainable marketing have on consumers? The two most important factors for a sustainable marketing plan are:

  • Long-term plan
  • Consistency

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Environmental problems are complex and far-reaching, so any sustainable marketing strategy needs to be long-term. What your advertising conveys about your brand is pivotal in creating it long-lasting. Your efforts to promote sustainability through advertising will fall short if you don’t establish a distinct identity for your business. While this may help in the short term, your ultimate goal should be to change the way people think of your brand for the better and not just the environment. Because of this, long-term marketing campaigns need dedication and consistency, especially if you are investing in social media marketing. Some well-known companies are engaging in this practice, and some of the names may come as a surprise to you.

Nestlé has decided to make all of their packaging recyclable or reusable by 2025. Furthermore, it is funding studies into novel methods for reducing plastic waste.

L’Oreal, a major player in the cosmetics sector, is taking steps to lessen the environmental impact of the industry as a whole by analyzing its whole supply chain and launching public awareness campaigns. This involves everything from determining the origin of resources to developing environmentally friendly packaging.

Amazon is working with industry leaders to reduce or replace packaging and has a sustainability portal to showcase its efforts.

Marketing strategy in Vancouver

There are countless strategies to make your marketing more sustainable, such as shifting your approach to sourcing and activity. Not only will adopting green behaviors improve the environment, but it will also boost your brand’s impression as more socially responsible, which is a major selling point for today’s consumers. If you have started a new business or are in course of improving your marketing strategy and need any information regarding sustainable marketing you can contact our professional marketers at Cactus Media Group, a digital marketing company located in Vancouver. Remember, the crux of sustainable marketing is to have your company be seen as a leader in addressing a pressing social or ecological problem.

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