What is mass marketing?

The latest digital marketing techniques
The latest digital marketing techniques
January 21, 2022
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January 30, 2022

Mass marketing refers to a part of the market that meets the needs of many people with a focus on the needs of the general public. The main tools used in mass marketing are mass media such as televisions, mobile phones, newspapers, radios, and the internet. The strategy involved in mass marketing targets a larger volume of sales at lower prices to maximize product distribution. Mass marketing is very effective in advertising the goods offered as a necessity, which are ensured that people will buy anyway.

What are the features of mass marketing?

In mass marketing, the target market is considered a large part of the community. For example, to mobile service companies, all people are the target market. Advertisers in mass marketing can easily use media such as radio and television to promote their products. They do not need to attract the attention of the particular group to advance their marketing goals, and they can achieve their goal as soon as they spread their advertising message to the public. Mass marketing is based on repeating the desired brand name in the mind of the viewer or listener.

What is mass marketing?

Advantages of mass marketing

The most important and most significant advantage of mass marketing is the wide distribution of the product; You get your message across to millions through the mass media at a much lower cost than other methods such as telemarketing. Of course, advertising and its costs in mass marketing act like a double-edged sword; As practical as it is at branding and introducing the product to the public; It can also be a significant financial loss. Imagine you own a sizeable financial enterprise. You try to attract people’s capital with extensive advertising; Do ordinary people who are the target of your digital ads have enough money? On the other hand, what percentage of large investors find their trusted financial enterprise through mass media such as television or other social networks?

What is the role of the media in mass marketing?

One of the main tactics of mass-market-focused businesses is the widespread use of the media. Mass marketing works to get people introduced to their products that can be seen in all stores. For example, consider a typical dishwashing liquid brand that just repeats its ads in the audience’s minds, and on the other hand, other products with the same brand are available in stores. Nowadays, with the ease of internet access, social media marketing could be used as a means of mass marketing.

Role of the media in mass marketing

Disadvantages of mass marketing

Like any other strategy in digital marketing, mass marketing also has its disadvantages, some of which are:

  • High cost: mass marketing, along with its comparative advantages, has one major drawback, and that is its cost. In mass marketing, you pay a lot of money to create advertising campaigns and influence the public; On the other hand, the feedback you receive may be shallow.
  • Lack of communication with the audience: Another disadvantage of mass marketing is the lack of clear channels of influence on the audience; You are dealing with a large community of audiences; As a result, the possibility of direct communication with each of them is practically zero. Therefore, you cannot monitor the audience community and its impacts and use these findings for future campaigns.
  • High-risk investment: In mass marketing, you put all your eggs in one basket; As a result, the likelihood of failure in the event of fluctuations or the emergence of a small competitor that targets the needs of a small segment of the target audience is significantly increased.

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