October 17, 2018
Celebrity Laser Care is located in North Vancouver. Their aesthetic and cosmetic clinic provides advanced skincare treatments for optimal skin health, from lasers to injectables. Our team has partnered up with Celebrity Skin Care to aid them to improve their Digital presence and get a better visibility online. During this partnership, we have been helping Celebrity Caser Care with their View the Design mock up for Celebrity Laser Care herewebsite Design, SEO, Commercial and Product Videography and Photography and ad campaigns plus so many hours of setting strategy discussions for each month and consumed so many cups of coffee. On the first two months, Cactus Media Group could help them to increase their traffic by 40% and now over a year, we have increased their traffic by 77%. We have our clients on our speed dial and we mostly contact them during the week to discuss opportunities on their industry. We also not only talk about ideas, but we do incorporate them for our clients and we show and analyze data for them to be able to grow their business with an open mind.

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